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Saturday:10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday:10:00am - 6:00pm
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XPX Has EVERYTHING You Need To Play Paintball!
Welcome to Xtreme Paintball Xperience

XPX is a Themepark for Paintball™ that offers an Xtreme Paintball Xperience in a safe, family-friendly environment for anyone with an appetite for adventure.

XPX has the largest facility in Central Florida (30-Acres) and offers family-friendly recreational paintball.

1st time playing? Don't worry! We offer the BEST playing experience for all players, beginners to experts!

XPX has the LARGEST FACILITY in Central Florida

XPX has the LARGEST FACILITY in Central Florida and offers family-friendly recreational paintball.

We offer the BEST paintball playing experience, from a BEGINNER to a PRO level.

XPX Waiver

Each player is REQUIRED to have a waiver before they are allowed to play. If the player is under the age of 18, the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Brand New To Paintball?

Don't have your own gear? No problem! XPX has EVERYTHING you need to play for about $45 (less for groups of 10 or more).

We have experts to help you get into the sport and become the best player possible.

Play For $45

Never Played?

We can get you playing paintball for the entire day for just $45.

  • This includes:
    • ✔ Mask
    • ✔ Marker
    • ✔ All Day Air
    • ✔ Admission
    • 500 Paintballs
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Upcoming Event

Big Christmas Game 2016

Xtreme Paintball Experience presents XPX Christmas.
We open all 30 acres creating a massive map to play on. Two teams go head to head, Reindeers and Snowflakes. Reindeers collect any reindeer scattered on the playing field. While the Snowflakes collect snowflakes scattered on the playing field. All while battling eachother, you must avoid Santa and his helpers.
Will be posted shortly. Thank you!

Will be added shortly. Thank you!

When: Saturday, December 17, 2016 at 11:00 pm
Where: Xtreme Paintball Xperience, Kissimmee, United States, 34746